Thursday, November 6, 2008

Another "free" plug!

I know I posted about this website awhile back, but I've been starting to get free things arriving in my mailbox and now it's kind of exciting! We've gotten free shampoo and free mashed potatoes so far. And coupons along with those things. Yesterday I signed up for free popcorn... and there are countless other items that I've already forgotten about that I sent off for, but I will be very excited to receive them. So go on, try it out! 


Beth said...

I have been on the list for awhile and gotten some interesting things. One thing though... read all the details....
I was getting ready to order something "free" from one website with just $1.00 shipping and thankfully read closer. By doing that I would have been signing up for something I DID NOT want and it would have cost a lot more.
Unfortunately there is ALWAYS a cost even if it just your email.

Amy said...

Those potatoes were not very good.