Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Over-Used Election Words & Phrases

Here's a list of words/phrases I will not miss after today:

1. Battleground State
2. Joe the Plumber
3. Joe Six-pack
4. Blue State
5. Red State
6. Change
7. Experience
8. Reach across the aisle
9. Evangelical vote
10. Pork Barrel

Anyone have any more they'd like to add??


Amy said...

Hockey MOM!

elle m kay said...

I'm so done hearing the praises of SNL political sketches when they've been doing this for DECADES. I swear the only thing that makes this special is that we have a female who is so easy to make fun of this year. I think the Palin-bashing in general is just done - all done. I'm also done with the phrase "barack the vote." I'm done with celebrities telling me who to vote for. And, lastly, I'm done with all the "maverick" talk!

Beth said...

I am sick of phone calls where no live person is really there. The more the calls come in the madder I get and really makes me wonder if I would vote for that person anyway.
So ROBO Calls would be my sick of word.

Anonymous said...


rb said...

i second that "barack the vote".