Sunday, August 29, 2010

3-Hour Tour of the NY State Fair

Today, Eric, Alex and I went to the Fair with a list of "Things to Do". And were done in 3 hours. Which was fine with all of us. It was hot. And it was crowded.

Part of our list of things to do included playing some games on the midway.

The Bowling game is one of our favorites. Even though we rarely win. It's cheap and it's fun!

Alex won a stuffed turtle at the dart game.

Michael Jackson is probably rolling over in his grave knowing he's a prize at the NYS Fair.

We walked through some of the barns and saw award winning horses.

Then we went to the Dairy Building and saw the Butter Sculpture. And had some chocolate milk.

And then we ate some hot beef sundaes.

We saw a seal.

And some model trains and miniature buildings.

And we also saw some award winning photography and artwork.

Mostly we saw mass amounts of people.

Before we left, we each enjoyed the Footsie Wootsie. And that was how we spent our 3 hours at the Great New York State Fair.

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Beth said...

I was happy to hear Alex got his chocolate milk.