Sunday, August 22, 2010

Going Underground

Alex asked the other day if we could go to Howe Cavern sometime. So, today we went. And I'll have to say, if you're going to pick a day to spend underground, it might as well be the rainiest day of the year. Which was today. Boy, did it rain! The ride to and from the Cavern wasn't much fun in the pouring rain, but the tour was worth it.

I've never been to a Cavern before, it was really neat though.

We even went for a boat ride at the bottom of the cavern.

This was part of our tour group. I learned pretty quickly that it's really difficult to take pictures (well, good pictures...) in a very dark environment with a little snappy camera.

But I tried anyway. I got a few "ok" shots. This is a giant stalagmite.

This picture is from the Howe Cavern website. If you'd like to learn more about the Cavern, check it out! It really has a neat history. We highly recommend taking a tour if you're ever in the area. (It's kind of in the middle of nowhere though.) We want to go back to take the "Adventurer" tour sometime. That's a little more challenging than the walking tour.

This is another shot from their website.


Greg and Diane Hayden said...

We went there when I was a kid. I've always wanted to go back.

Beth said...

Great place I am sure. I love to visit caverns. Your father and I went to the Skyline caverns in VA a couple of years ago. BUT.... he will never go into another cavern, or a coal mine. I sure never realized he was so claustrophobic.... oh well..... I loved it!!!

Amanda said...

He must be so claustrophobic from being on all those Navy ships! I didn't feel claustrophic at all. It was great!

Aunt Margi said...

If you want more caverns- I visited Seegrotte Caverns in the Vienna Woods. It has been used a lot of ways- even the Nazis found a way. An outstanding one we visited is Ruby Falls in Chattanooga TN. No claustrophobia in our family thankfully!