Saturday, September 11, 2010

And so it begins...

Fall has begun at our house. Fall means school and activities. And being busy.

Last night we attended the first of what will most likely be many get-togethers. It was a pasta dinner for the x-country team, at the home of one of the runners. Tomorrow is their first meet. There are 25 young men on the team this year. (10 run varsity, 15 run junior varsity.)

There were 60+ people in attendance. (Dad, if you're looking at this, we went to a yard sale at this house this past spring, the tent is still standing!)

The boys played basketball and Frisbee in the front yard. While the coach watched, hoping nobody would injure themselves before the first meet!

If anyone is interested in attending a cross-country meet this fall, the schedule is here, although it's not complete and some of the times are off, like today's. It's not at 9am, it's at 12:45... But if you're interested, let me know! I'll give you exact times. Alex is running JV, which usually runs before the Varsity race....


linnetter said...

It seems impossible that Alex is so grown up! I remember when I met you, Alex and Amy at the Christmas Dover in Barrington and Alex was in a stroller!!!!
Love reading your Blog and just seeing what your family is up to.
Thanks for opening your life!

Beth L. said...

Dad says he remembers! that yard sale. All the prices were pretty high.

Can't believe Alex, he must have grown another foot since we saw you back in May.