Sunday, September 12, 2010

Busy Saturday

Yesterday was Alex's first HS cross-country meet of the season. This is a picture of the team. All of the photos that I'm posting from the meet were taken from the "unofficial" team photographer. One of the parents enjoys photography and spends his day not only cheering everyone on, but he takes pictures of each of the kids and posts them to a website. If you'd like to see all of his photos, you're more than welcome to check them out here.

Alex attaches his number to his uniform.

Alex is in the pack of these runners. This is the JV race. There were over 200 kids running.

Here I am, with one of the other parents, watching the finish of the race. And cheesing for the camera.

After the race, a pep talk with the coach. All the kids did really well. They made a team goal for everyone to get a time of under 21 minutes by the end of the season, and I think all but 2 of the kids accomplished that goal at the first meet! (Alex's time was 20:40, for the 5k course.)

These are the varsity guys taking off for their race. They are a growing team this year. They lost their 6 top runners from last year, as they all graduated.

After watching Alex's meet, Eric and I met our friends Simone & Rich at the Irish Festival in Clinton Square. If you may remember, Simone is the one I went to HS with in Maine, and we discovered that we live in the same town now. It's our annual tradition to attend Irish Fest together! (This was last year... )

The "before" pose... notice my "Irish" jacket and my green earrings!

Rich and Simone's "before" pose...

After a few beers, the boys were comparing beer bellies. (Of which neither of them has!)

I think we were sort of dancing here.

It was quite a crowd listening to The Glengarry Bhoys!

Now they're really dancing!

This was our accumulation of cups. Mind you, all of this was free! Rich & Simone got us all VIP wrist bands. Which meant we got to hang out in a private tented area. And in addition to that, we got free drinks, we had a great dinner of ham, cabbage and potatoes, plus we had our own port-a-potties! We love Irish Fest!!

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Whitaker Woods said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time at Irish Fest! Great perks. Also think you were posing as the proud mom. Good job Alex.