Sunday, October 24, 2010

Green Lakes and Homemade Bread

Today we continued with our fun adventures. These outings have been a great thing for everybody. Alex gets his run in, Jenny and I get some exercise and Eric gets some X-Box time!

We went to Green Lakes State Park. They have some great trails. Alex really liked all the loops around the lake. He had to run for 60 minutes today. He's in the blue jacket in the background. Jenny is keeping her eye on him...

It was another beautiful day in Central New York.

In fact, it was a great day for a swim!

Oops. Jenny needs to learn how to read!

One thing she is learning, is to behave when other dogs are around. These little adventures are teaching her to tolerate other dogs. Usually she turns into Cujo when she sees another dog. If you look close, you can see a dog behind her in this picture. I've turned her attention away from the dog and she's actually being good. This is a huge step for her! But we have a long way to go...

She just loves to explore everything. I pretty much let her go wherever she wants. I'm thinking she wanted to take that boat into the water!

Another beautiful scene at the Lake.

And another great adventure for Jenny. I wonder where we'll go next time!

Earlier today, I made some homemade bread. Which I have never done before. I made a regular loaf and a mini-loaf. I remember my mom used to make bread when I was growing up. It sure makes the house smell good!

The mini-loaf is adorable. I think I might make some mini-sandwiches for lunch tomorrow.


Beth said...

I remember making those mini loaves back in the day and made you tiny sandwiches for you to take to school.

Whitaker Woods said...

I can taste that bread... warm butter and yummmmmy!!

SteveC said...

Surprising to see Jenny not trying to bite her own reflection's head off.

Dale said...

Jenny looks very, very happy and she must be sleeping well at night after her adventures!

Greg and Diane Hayden said...

I can smell the bread from here, mmmmm. Love reading about Jenny's adventures. She's going to have her own blog before you know it.