Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hometown Heroes 5k

The Liverpool HS Top 7 Varsity runners went to the Manhattan Invitational this weekend. And left the JV runners behind, with nothing to do. So a few of them decided to run a local 5k.

And wouldn't you know, I brought my camera. But left my memory card in the computer. At home. So I have no pictures to share. I did find this online at They had video of the start of the race. You can see Alex's head in there. He was kind of next to the boy (a teammate) in the red shirt.

The 5k was called the "Hometown Heroes 5k". It benefited families of military personnel. A very good cause. Alex and 2 of his teammates decided to use the race not really to push themselves too hard, but to get in a good workout. I'd love to have seen how they would have done if they were running at top speed. All 3 of them ended up in the Top 10 overall. Alex placed 7th overall and first for his age group. You can check out the results here.

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