Saturday, October 2, 2010

McQuaid Invitational

Today we spend the afternoon in Rochester, at the McQuaid Invitational. It's a HUGE meet. There are 25 races that run all day and Alex ran the 25th race of the day. There were 316 total runners competing in his race, which was officially called the "Large School Varsity B" race. (aka the JV race)

He's in here somewhere... can you find him? (Hint... just right of center.)

He said after the race that it was very, very crowded and he needs to learn how to "fight" for his position better.

Here he is sprinting to the finish. Can you see that time? It's a little fuzzy... but it says 17:56! I guess he skipped over the 18's altogether! (It was "only" a 3-mile course though, they normally run a 3.1 mile course, so it was a smidge shorter... but not that much.) If you'd like to see the final results they are posted here. He placed 58th and earned a "Top 75" ribbon. He was 5th for the JV team. Varsity was only allowed to run 7 guys today, so 3 of the varsity runners ran the JV race. And Alex's friend Sean must have been annoyed that he beat him last week, so he earned his 11th position back today. (Actually, looking at everybody's time today, Sean's time put him at the 8th position overall, so he's officially on Varsity now... and Alex's time keeps him at 11th position still. Isn't x-country confusing??)

Note: I'm hoping that Mr. Andrews posts his photos at some point this weekend. Eric brought his camera today, but forgot the battery. Which was charging at home. (Oops!) So these are from my snappy camera, with a half-dead battery...

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