Monday, October 4, 2010

October Birthdays

Yesterday we went up to Fulton to celebrate Gary & Alex's birthdays. Laura was very happy to see us!

Kelly took good care of Jenny while we were there.

She watched Jenny very closely to make sure she did what she was supposed to do...

I'm thinking Laura is going to be a teacher when she grows up. She gave a "Presidential" quiz to Uncle Eric.

Paula slaved over a hot stove all day... and even made fresh bread. Which she was slicing here. She made an awesome dinner! We had their last bit of Wilbur.... a big giant ham.

Sheila helped set the beautiful table.

Sheila also made this wonderful (and delicious!) John Deere color-schemed truck cake for Gary, complete with a giant bale of hay in the back!

Alex had a cake too... a yummy ice cream cake!

Laura posed with her daddy.

And Alex tried to figure out how he was going to blow out all those candles! Happy birthday Gary & Alex! Hope you both have great birthdays! (Gary's birthday is tomorrow, Alex's is Wednesday.)


Greg and Diane Hayden said...

Happy birthday Alex! He's looking very grown up.

Beth said...

Happy Birthday to Alex and Greg. Alex is very grown up, it is not possible! His mom is too young to have such a grown up son, as is grammie not old enough!!!!!


Mom and Grammie Beth