Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Birthday Celebration & A Turkey Trot

I'm way behind on the blogging again. I'm going to try to catch up a little... and will hopefully get to post Thanksgiving photos tomorrow. For now, we have some birthday pics and a turkey trot!

Wednesday was my birthday. We had a fun little celebration. (I think someone switched those numbers around!)

And my parents were able to make it and were here for the Thanksgiving weekend.

Me and my dad.
The blow fish picture.

Me and my pile of goodies!

New boots!!
A new crock pot!

And my favorite... Audrey Hepburn!

On Thanksgiving morning, Alex ran the local Turkey Trot. It was 28 degrees.

1,337 runners ran the race.

Here's Alex (in the blue cap and blue Liverpool t-shirt) along with several x-country friends.

He finished a very respectable 73rd place overall. Results are here.

Alex and his friend Spencer after the race...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Boston for the Weekend

As many of you probably already know, Eric and I took a quick trip to Boston last weekend for his friend Vic's 50th Birthday Party.

It was a great party! They reserved a party room at the Quincy Marriott. The "event" was even on the big board at the hotel.

This was the yummy cake.

Eric posed with the birthday boy.

Vic and his band played wonderful music for most of the night. He is pictured here with his brother, Dana.

Dana on the Bass.

Another member of their band.

And the rest of the band...

Vic and his wife Anne Marie, the party planner.

Party go-ers.

Fultonians. Left to right... Rick Acker, John Soukey, and John Turner.

Rick and his wife Karen.

3 Acker wives... Rachel, Karen and Anne Marie.

Mike Bennett. Another Fultonian. (His lovely wife Melissa missed the pictures, but that was her glass of red wine!)

And me and Eric.
Laughing... and drinking. Who did all those empty glasses belong to?? Good thing we were staying at the hotel and didn't have to drive anywhere!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

This Week in Pictures

I kind of let this week slip by without any posts. It was a fairly quiet week, as you'll see with a few photos of the "highlights"...

Last Sunday was Halloween. I made some fabulous French Onion Soup for lunch.

And we learned that the Cayenne Pepper trick did NOT work to keep the squirrels from eating our pumpkins. I learned a new trick to try next year, involving Vaseline...

We didn't have as many trick-or-treaters this year. Which made Alex very happy. I'm not sure exactly how much sugar he ate this past week, but it was a lot.

I also made an apple crisp on Halloween evening. Which was very tasty.

On Tuesday, we voted.
Yesterday, Alex and I were spectators at the Section III X-Country Championships. He said it was weird not running, and he's more inspired than ever to make it next year. This photo above is of his friend Sean, he ran an excellent race.

Today we went to the Syracuse Harvest Fest at the Fairgrounds. It was a great event. I'm pretty sure there were double the wine/beer vendors than food vendors. I only indulged in my favorite Wisteria Wine however as Alex went with us, so it was all about the food today. And we ate a lot! From cookies, to cheese, jellies & jams, to baked potatoes, to turkey sausage and ice cream... All made right here in NY State.

And that was our week in a nutshell. (Aside from working and going to school and all that other junk.) Oh! And something I didn't get a picture of... Our little Jenny pulled a Houdini yesterday while Alex and I were at the x-country meet. Eric had put her out back on her chain and after awhile, things got quiet. And the phone rang. It was our neighbor. Jenny had pulled up her chain from the ground and decided to go for a walk. All by herself! With 20' of chain following along behind her. She only got as far as across the street and Eric went over to rescue her. And to scold her too...