Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

We had a wonderful Christmas here at the Hayden House. We woke up early... well, around 7:30am. Which is probably late for those with little ones!

We opened our stockings first. Eric always enjoys getting Whoppers from Santa.

Speaking of Santa, Alex played Santa and passed out everybody's gifts. It didn't take too long this year... as most everyone only got 2-3 gifts. It's not the quantity... it's the quality!

Eric got fancy new Mackie speakers for his keyboard. He had a feeling Santa was going to bring them, he spent several days before Christmas setting up his room to get ready for them. Heh heh.

And Alex must have been a very good boy this year... Santa brought him his own laptop! (Now maybe I can blog more often!)

I was very excited to get a NookColor this year. I absolutely love it!!

Kelsey also came by, as Santa brought her lots of gifts too.

Including an X-Box 360!

Jenny wasn't left out... she got lots of treats. Which by this point, she had already eaten.

We all headed up to Fulton to Sheila's house for a wonderful Christmas Dinner. Kelly showed us how to dance.

Then Laura helped her cousin Kelsey figure out the purple guitar. Aunt Amanda ended up with the high score for the evening.... who knew I had such amazing hand-eye coordination... heh.

Gary was playing with Sheila's new iPad. While Eric was, well, I have no idea what Eric was doing.

Sheila always out-does herself with the desserts! Apple pie, cookies and yummy Cream Puffs!!

Alex got me a fun bread maker for Christmas. I think I need to read the directions a little closer or something. My first loaf of bread doesn't look much like a loaf of bread!

I think it looks a little bit like a chicken... (Anyone with bread makers have any advice??)

Oh and thanks mom for the beer cozies! They're working out nicely... Hee hee! (We'll give them back to Alex when he turns 21...)


Whitaker Woods said...

Yeah, never had bread turn out like that. What the heck happened??

brownshu said...

oooh, cream puffs! i heart those.