Sunday, December 19, 2010

Meets and Parties

Yesterday Alex had a track meet at Hamilton College, in Clinton, NY. (It's an exit away from Turning Stone, off the Thru-Way.) Alex was the only freshman on his team that got to run this week. His coach put him in the 3200 meter run. I'm not exactly sure Alex was terribly thrilled about that! But he did it. They even put him in the fast heat, which again, I'm not sure Alex was happy about. Actually I know he wasn't. But he did it.

The second fastest x-country runner in the state was in that race. And he came in 3rd in that race yesterday. It was a FAST race. Alex got lapped twice. And wished he had been in the slow heat. He placed 29th overall, out of 41 runners. And he's hoping to get to run the 1,000 meter next time...

Last weekend, Eric and I went to my friend Boyd's Annual Christmas Open House. I just love his parties. His house is amazing. I really didn't take enough pictures to really do it justice, but let's just say he could have been an interior decorator. Or a party planner.

He even invited Santa to his party!

These are the stairs to the finished basement.

He had a Christmas Tree in every room. Even the bathroom!

And that tree was decorated with Rubber Duckies.

There was Fooz Ball in the basement, massages in the upstairs bedrooms, tarot card readings, a photo booth, amazing food and drinks... and so much more!! He really outdoes himself every year.

I also ran into some old friends! (Actually, we brought Rebecca with us...) It was so nice to see everybody and catch up. I miss all my old friends from Channel 9, even if I don't exactly miss Channel 9...

Unfortunately, we didn't make it to the WCNY Christmas Party this year. I was SO sad about this because I actually knew everybody this year and probably would have had an even better time than I have in years past. We had planned on going, but on our drive home from work that day, it was snowing so hard we could barely see 2 feet in front of us. And it didn't let up all night. I think Eric would have tried to go, but I wasn't up for the stress! But I'm still sad that we missed it.

Oh and if anyone is wondering where their Christmas cards are... I finally finished them last night. They'll be out in the mail tomorrow. (If I can remember to buy stamps...) I do believe this is the latest I've ever sent them. Christmas just snuck up on me this year! I can't believe that Christmas is next weekend...


Beth said...

Dont feel bad about the cards! As of today my cards are mostly addressed and stamped but that is all, no notes, no signatures. I am hopeful I will get them out today.
I am the one who always had cards addressed an ready to go a couple days after Thanksgiving.

And If I don't get my Christmas tree up maybe I can find an aluminum pole so I can have a "FESTIVUS" tree. That won't need decorating.

Loved seeing Jenny and her TUBE.

brownshu said...

i got your card! and look, my face matches my shirt!

Amanda said...

Well, it was a little warm!!!!