Sunday, January 2, 2011

So far, so good!

Yesterday a sweet young cashier at Wegmans asked me how my New Years was. Was? It just started! I said that it was good so far. And it is. We've literally done next to nothing. Except eat, relax, watch tv. So yeah, it's been pretty good so far!

We did get the house back to "normal" and took down the Christmas decorations.

Usually it feels like the room is so empty, but I kind of like the fresh, clean look. Jenny of course had to get her face in the photo...

Eric mentioned that we could use some new curtains for the front window. Ones with some sort of insulation. So I looked online, found these at Ordered them. A few hours later I picked them up at the store, came home and hung them up. I'd say that's pretty productive! Oh and I love the ordering online and doing the store pick-up option. It saves so much time!

While cleaning out the living room, I also decided to clean out the bookcase that holds all of my cookbooks. Then I thought, I really ought to use these more often! So my goal (not a resolution, those don't work for me...) is to use all 70 of my cookbooks this year. At least one recipe from each one. And this will be good, I have lots of baking cookbooks, as well as specialty cookbooks. So there will be a wide variety to choose from.

I got help from Alex with the first choice. The Star Wars Cookbook. I will admit, I have made the Wookiee Cookies in the past and they are fantastic!

But this go-around, Alex chose a Burrito. So Tuesday we are having Greedo's Burritos.

They're pretty basic. Alex & I will follow the recipe exactly, and Eric will create his own "special" burrito for himself... without all the olives, black beans, tomatoes and lettuce!

Another thing I did this weekend was fix the beautiful centerpiece my mom gave me for my birthday. It was filled with real flowers when she gave it to me, but they had all dried up and were kind of making a mess. So I took out all the dead foliage, went over to Hobby Lobby and bought some nice silk roses and greenery and now it's good as new! (It looks better in person, it was hard to get a good picture.)

And one other thing we have been doing this weekend... is trying to decide what to do for our annual vacation this year! The above photo may or may not be a hint...

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