Saturday, January 15, 2011

Travel Auc '11: Night 1

Here are some "behind the scenes" pictures from the 2011 Travel Auc. This was the first night. There are 5 total nights. Eric and I are each working ("volunteering") for 4 of those nights.

These monitors show the active auctions. There are 28 auctions going on at once, plus a "Great Escapes" auction, which are for more expensive trips.

These are the phone bank volunteers.

And this is Eric running a studio camera... feeling "blue"...

This was my work station. I got the fun job (not) of entering data. By the end of the night, I was cross-eyed.

But there was free food! All night long we had goodies of some sort. Dinner last night was from Tassone's Wine Garden. We had baked ziti and chicken riggies. Along with a nice salad and fresh bread. Then there were cookies and cheese & crackers later. I didn't get home until almost 1am. Zzzz.....

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