Saturday, February 5, 2011

Camp Hayden

We're having some special visitors stay with us this weekend. They even brought donuts!

It's Laura and Kelly! Paula & Gary went to their snowmobile camp this weekend for an "adult" weekend, so we're watching the kids.

We immediately put them to work sorting all our change.

And Kelly held Jenny's bone full of peanut butter for her.

Then we went grocery shopping at Aldi. The girls were SO excited about getting to put the quarter in the grocery cart...

Kelly had it mastered, one handed even. While holding her candy in the other hand...

After all that work, they made their own lunch! They had little pizzas.

Then we finally got to relax and watch a movie. (Thank goodness for Netflix!)

Laura got comfy on the bean bag chair...

The afternoon Matinee was a fun Scooby Doo movie. After the movie, we're heading out to the bookstore. And then making cookies. I think we'll all be exhausted tonight!

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Greg and Diane Hayden said...

Lucky girls (and Gary and Paula). Nice memories for the girls.