Monday, February 28, 2011


One of my favorite foods in the entire world is Clam Chowder. I think I could eat it every day. Well, yesterday there was a Chowder Cookoff in downtown Syracuse. It was part of the Annual Winterfest. They also have a Chili Cookoff, a Wing Walk and so many other great things going on. Alex and I headed downtown to try the Chowder.

Five local restaurants competed in the Cookoff. The judges tried the Chowder first, then the people got to take a turn. (For free!)

This was an interesting Corn Chowder from La Taqueira Mexican Grill. Not my favorite, but very tasty. I think I was just more in the mood for Clam Chowder, so maybe that swayed my judgement a bit...

This was a Clam Chowder from Peppino's. It was ok... not my favorite, but they had whole clams in it, so that was a big plus. My favorite chowder was from Syracuse Suds Factory. I ate it up so quickly I didn't get a picture. Unfortunately, we didn't get to try all of the Chowders because the other restaurants ran out... including the place that took Top Honors, Kitty Hoynes. I've had their Clam Chowder before and it really is quite good. Alex and I vowed to visit their restaurant soon. Very soon.

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