Sunday, February 20, 2011

Everything and the Bathroom Sink

With the 55 degree day on Friday, it kind of felt a little bit like Spring, so I had the urge to buy flowers for myself. Even though by the time I got the flowers the next day, it was 12 degrees and snowing sideways. Such is life in Syracuse.

I've been experimenting with my cookbooks, and using more recipes. I thought I'd try to make baked beans in the crock pot.

They looked, smelled and tasted great! Still a little work to do as far as the texture goes. Some of the beans weren't cooked as well as others. Next time I'll do it a little differently and I'm confident they'll be perfect.

Another thing I am currently attempting to cook is "Brunswick Stew". I don't know if anyone has ever had Brunswick Stew. My mom used to make this. It's a Southern recipe and apparently used to be cooked with squirrel meat. I opted to use the more modern version of the recipe, with chicken. It has a few more hours of cooking to go, but this is what it looks like so far. It smells amazing! If you're interested in the recipe click here. It's from the Colonial Williamsburg Cookbook. Oh, and I left the okra out... and thought I'd add carrots instead. I cooked everything as directed, (I also boiled the veggies and the potatoes for about 7-8 minutes to soften them more) then put everything in the crock pot to simmer for a few hours.

So we're getting ready to do a small bathroom renovation. For a very small bathroom. I hate how the junk under the sink is always a mess. Sure I could keep it cleaner, but I just don't feel like it. I dry my hair down here every morning so the upstairs bathroom can be freed up for others. So my hairdryer, etc is there. I can't wait to have some real storage.

It's amazing the sink even works anymore. It's pretty corroded! I hope the plumber doesn't have any problems replacing all of this.

This is our new vanity. We are so limited on space in there, it really had to be something simple. We only have 18" to play with. This fit our needs perfectly.

Eric has been away this weekend at Alfred University. He had to shoot an event and a theater for a client. Maybe he'll have some interesting pictures I can share with you all when he returns. He bought a fun new camera last week and I know he was looking forward to using it!

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Greg and Diane Hayden said...

This must be the bathroom remodel year. We have the sink area set (will hopefully post soon), waiting to get a plumber for the tub area. Can't wait to see the finished pics of your project.