Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sweatpants Weekend

If ever there were a weekend to not do anything but hang out in your sweatpants, this would be it. I'll admit I haven't done a ton of hanging out, but I want to. I feel kind of crappy. Alex feels crappy. And Eric has left town! (He went to Boston to see Vic and to go to a Todd Rundgren concert.) He left just in time, although I blame him for our illnesses. He had it first. And now he's fine and out having fun... I did manage to get lots of errands done yesterday and even took Alex to the Doctor. I also got something interesting for dinner...

Sushi! I've never tried it, but always wanted to. So I started out with something simple. I got California Shrimp Rolls. There was no real "raw" fish in these. And they were fabulous! I got them at Wegmans from their Sushi bar. They were all packaged up ready for me to take with me. I thoroughly enjoyed it. And can't wait to have them again, and maybe be even more daring and try other types of Sushi. I even found out that Sushi is healthy, a double bonus! Does anyone else like Sushi?

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