Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wine Tour

31 of Rebecca's friends and family gathered to celebrate her birthday by taking a Wine Tour!

Rebecca talked to the bus driver and gave him our itinerary.

It was a full bus!

Happy Birthday, Rebecca!

Our first stop was Three Brothers Winery in Geneva, on Seneca Lake. There are 3 wineries and a brewery all in one. It would be safe to say that all 31 participants of this particular wine tour were pretty sloshed by the time we left here!

LuAnne and her new boyfriend Matt were in attendance. They travelled from Boston.

One of the wineries at Three Brothers, this one was a lot of fun! It resembled a Dive Bar.

Everybody was bellying up to the bar for some tasting.

In the summer, there are bands that play out here. But for now, it's just cold and frozen.

Rebecca's mom, Cathy is so much fun!

Party girls, Jen, Rebecca and Sarah.

Mmm... popcorn...

At Hazlitt Winery, home of Red Cat wine... the "Hot Tub" wine. After you drink your Red Cat sample, they make you do the Red Cat Chant! "Red Cat, Red Cat, it's an aphrodisiac.... Red Cat, Red Cat, it'll get you in the sack!" Heheheh....

From the party atmosphere of Hazlitt, we went to Leidenfrost Vineyards. A bit "stuffier", but still tasty.

Here's a group shot of a few of the wine tourists.

And a little peanutty snack.

Leidenfrost was overlooking Seneca Lake.

One of the beer-drinking (not so much wine-drinking) husbands made little snowmen at every stop.

JR Dill Winery. I didn't care for any of the wine here.

But we got a free glass!

And another snowman was created.

All the women loved the bear.

Notice the little empty bottle of Red Cat in my hand...

Interesting sculpture outside one of the wineries. (I forget which one...)

Kim used to be a bus driver. But I'm thinking today wasn't a good day for her to be driving!

I think it's safe to say that Rebecca had a fabulous time on her Birthday Wine Tour!

This is Kate, my bus-buddy... we also had a fabulous time! Thanks for the fun and very memorable time Rebecca!!

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