Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Cleaning

We had a very productive day today. I wore some old shoes and old gloves and cleaned up a winter's worth of crap. Literally. We sort of just let Jenny go all winter and clean it up in the spring. We might want to start re-thinking that strategy...

Walk at your own risk off the deck! It was so bad that Jenny didn't even want to go back there. Today was a perfect day to clean it up since it was finally dry back there.

It's much cleaner now. I should get some grass seed and see if there's any chance of greenery. It's so shady back there, we might not be able to grow anything. Notice the nice "stone work" next to the house. Eric found all that under the deck and thought it would be a good use for it, there's no gutter on the roof above that area, so it tends to flood there when it rains. This might help the water run off a little better. It looks nicer anyway!

Here he is creating his masterpiece. I think we might get some small stones to fill in the spaces.

I really should have raked a little better last fall.

We ended up filling 15 yard bags of leaves, twigs and dog poop. And we could easily fill another 15 bags. (Of leaves and twigs... the poop is now gone!) Another project for another day.

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