Saturday, April 9, 2011

TSO and Other Things

For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you probably know I got tickets to the Trans Siberian Orchestra. I won them actually, on the radio. And I never win anything! Although I guess I never really try to win anything. Alex was going to go with me, but then his uncle was in town, so Eric ended up filling in. It was a fun date-night for us. He took these awesome pictures. Oh, did I mention we were in the 2nd row?! My ears are still ringing.

The show they performed was "Beethoven's Last Night". If you're unfamiliar, check them out on YouTube or on their website. It's more than just a concert... it's a narrated story, with some dancing, singing and some heavy metal guitar playing... and some nice violin music too. A little something for everyone!

It was a fun show to see. I'm so glad we went! I kind of want to see their Christmas show when they return at the end of the year...


Here's a little video for you to enjoy...

In other news.... Alex has his first outdoor track meet today. I think it's a sure sign that Spring is really coming! It's even supposed to be 60 degrees today. I might even go out and clean up the yard a little bit this afternoon... anyone want to help with the backyard?? I'll bring the rubber boots!

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