Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

This weekend my parents came to visit. We were VERY busy... between going to yard sales, shopping and eating, we didn't have a lot of time for anything else! I didn't even take a single picture. Until today when we hosted a lunch for our moms. The sweet yellow flowers above were a gift from Alex to me.

These flowers were a gift to me from my mom! Aren't they gorgeous?

Our moms. Sheila and Beth.

Here's Kelly being silly in her new red fuzzy hat.

Sheila entertained the girls with many games of Bingo.

We had a big buffet style lunch and the "kids" all seemed to gather here.

And the "adults" hung out in here.

Gary made a cake with help from Laura and Kelly. They did a very nice job decorating.

And Gary did the honor of cutting and serving the tasty strawberry cake.

Then we had some outside fun, since it was such a beautiful afternoon.

Here are Eric and Gary with their mom.

And Paula with Laura. I love this picture!

And here I am with my mom & dad and Alex and Eric.

I don't know when/how Alex got to be so tall.

And here is the sweetest husband in the world washing all the dishes from the day. And there were A LOT. Thank you sweetie!! XOXO


Whitaker Woods said...

It was great! Thanks for hosting.

Beth said...

We had such a wonderful weekend and you are such a great hostess. Thanks for everything! I agree, now did Alex get so tall!!