Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rapture Day

Well, if today was indeed end of the world, we had a good last day. We woke up early (Thanks Jenny...) and headed off to Alex's last regular season meet. It was cloudy but warm. Then the sun came out. It was a lovely day.

Alex ran the best 800 meter of his career so far. (He beat that guy next to him too!)

He got a personal best under 2:10, as you can see up on the big screen... His coach was very pleased. Pleased enough to let him compete in sectionals on Wednesday.

He'll be one of the 4 guys on the 4x800 meter relay team. Which he also ran today and did very well.

The rest of the afternoon was spent painting and then watching paint dry... Tonight (If we make it past the 6pm Rapture time...) We plan on having BBQ pulled pork for dinner with some nice cold beer.

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Dale said...

WOW, Alex! You just keep getting faster and faster and meeting your goals! Way to go!! Very impressive results!!