Friday, May 27, 2011

Rugs, Parks and Letters

The new rugs are finally here! They're beautiful... we love them. It was a little crazy this morning getting the 2 bedrooms completely emptied.

We dumped most everything in here... it was a BIG mess!

But isn't it nice!? We're slowly getting everything put back where it goes. We're re-arranging the office so it's not as cluttered. So that will take some time. It's so nice to have a nice fresh new carpet to walk on!

This afternoon I stopped by a sign company in the city, and there was this interesting "art" park across the street. It's on the near-west side where the new WCNY building is going to be. There is a lot of revitalization going on, and there's some odd "artsy" stuff too. I think this park can be in that category! If you click on this photo, you can read about the park... it's apparently an SU project of some sort.

This is a structure made of old steamer trunks.

And here's one made of car parts.

Yeah, I don't really get it either...

Last night Alex had his Track & Field banquet. He earned his Varsity letter again. And they are not going to be running next week, so he's all done for the year. He was disappointed, but he's realizing it's almost summer. And that cross-country starts in 6 weeks.... so a break will be nice!

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