Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

We had a very productive weekend. Aside from the usual errands and things, Eric got the urge to clean the carpet in the family room. Apparently it's been bothering him for quite awhile. I imagine it had never been cleaned before we moved in, and we've been here almost 3 years. So it was well past time! Jenny had to help of course.

She was annoyed and confused by her missing seat. The vertically challenged dog could no longer see out the window...

Eric went to town on the carpet. I lost count how many times we filled and re-filled the water. The water we dumped out was pretty gross... so we knew it was working!

We re-arranged some furniture when we put the room back together. That comfy looking corner set-up in the center of the photo is my new "home"... And Jenny was happy to get her seat back at the window. (And dad... if you look close, the lamp is that $5 lamp we got at the yard sale 2 years ago!)

I dragged up my potted plants from the basement today. This was the first year I remembered to bring them inside before they froze to death. The pansies are new however. They needed some nice color.

Another pansy by the Sunflower flag. And look at that beautiful lush green grass... hopefully the lawn guy will be here this week for the first official mow of the season.

Alex had 2 track meets this past week. One was the home opener at his High School. It was their first home meet in 5 years. Isn't their new track beautiful?! Alex has decided he really likes the 800 meter. He's been running it twice every meet. Once in a relay and once as a regular race. His last meet he set his personal best, at 2:14. He's hoping to get below 2:10 by the end of the season. I bet he does it!

Alex and I went shoe shopping today. The shoe on the right was only 5 months old. But after running in the snow, rain, sleet, mud and whatever else he's been dealing with, it was time for a new pair. So he got the exact same ones. Yes, they used to be white. He also got a new pair of bright red track flats. I bet they will help get that personal best!


Beth said...

Thanks for getting ready for our visit.

Amanda said...

You're welcome! Now if we can only guarantee some nice weather!!