Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fun with TelAuc

In case you've been wondering what we've been up to. This is it. TelAuc is 8 days... we each worked 6 of them. That's in addition to our regular job... it was a long two weeks!! Eric was operating camera in the warehouse with Dave.

Out friends the Falanga's volunteered one night! Rick is sorting bid sheets and Kathy (her back is to the camera) was helping with entering credit card information. It was very sweet of them to help out! Their son Rob was in the studio helping with bid running... he was accumulating volunteer hours for National Honor Society. Alex actually helped out one night too, but of course I forgot to take photos of that! (I'm a bad mom!!)

Rick got to have a moment in the spotlight being a "model"... he loved it! I didn't take any other photos, but there are tons of them on the station camera. I'll look through them and post some interesting ones if I can find them.

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