Friday, June 17, 2011

Grill Week, Day 5

Our last night of Grill Week was actually last night. (Thursday) I just didn't get a chance to post last night.

We had cheeseburgers. Well, 2 of us had cheeseburgers (Eric and Alex) and one of us (me) just had a hamburger. Grill Week was fun... we've got lots of ideas for more grilling. We haven't grilled any fish yet. We would also like to grill a ham steak. And some pork chops. Maybe we'll do some more grillin' next week!

This single yellow rose was in bloom in front of the house this week. I thought it was pretty... there should have been two roses, but unfortunately one was eaten before it got a chance to bloom. Most likely by a pesky squirrel.

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