Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mulching and TelAuc-ing

We have had a very busy weekend. And exhausting. TelAuc is wiping us (well, me at least!) out this year. I had to work until 1:30 am, for 3 days in a row. For someone who is usually asleep by 10pm, this is not an easy feat. Especially 3 days in a row. The first day, I got up at 6:30. The second day, it was 8:30. And today, finally I almost got 7 hours of sleep and woke up around 10. We're back to "normal" for 3 days, then it's back at it next weekend. I have been able to get a few fun items. Mostly coffee and gift cards. And I was able to give one of the coffee gift packs to my neighbor today, because they gave us free mulch. They got a truckload of mulch and they gave us about 15 wheelbarrow full loads for free!

And speaking of mulch... here's a before and after of a tree in the front of the house. Before I mulched, I had to do some serious trimming. I even broke out the electric chainsaw. And then filled 7 lawn bags with all of the dead/discarded twigs and branches. It was SO nice to get this project done. That tree has been an eyesore since we moved in. (That "before" photo was actually taken 2 years ago... I forgot to take one this morning - it was much worse than that!)

A nice clean entrance... I like the dark mulch. I used reddish mulch before, this is a nice change. And it matches the neighbor!

Another view of the entrance.


Beth said...

Looking GREAT!!!

Greg and Diane Hayden said...

Your landscaping looks wonderful. Very nice neighbor!!

Whitaker Woods said...

I love the "new" look. More and more people I know are switching to the darker mulch.