Friday, July 8, 2011

Chiefs vs Paw Sox

Alex and I went to a ball game this evening. It was a perfect night. The temperatures were just right.

We saw "Scooch", one of the Chiefs' mascots. He's adorable.

This is "Pops". I'm not sure what to make of him... Scooch was definitely more popular with the kids.

You've got to love ballpark food...

Kevin Millwood started the pitching for the Sox and Hideki Okajima was on the mound for 2 innings. Paw Sox won 5-4.

* On a side note, our friends Steve and Molly Herwood are season ticket holders for the Chiefs. Steve gave us the tickets we used tonight. (He works at WCNY.) Anyway... Molly has a blog all about the Chiefs and being a fan. Check it out here, I got a mention!

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Greg and Diane Hayden said...

We went to one of their games in RI once when the kids played in the band in elementary school. It was a lot of fun.