Monday, July 11, 2011

Juror #330

As many of you already know, I was summoned to appear in court for Jury Duty today. As like most people who have to appear for Jury Duty, I was pretty annoyed by the idea. But I had no choice. And I thought maybe I'd get out of work for a couple of days. So I made the best of it. The courthouse area is in the above photo. The building on the right is the Syracuse Police, the building behind the sign in the brand-new court house. (Ok, it's not that new... Eric and I got married there almost 3 years ago!)

This is the entrance to the courthouse. I was pretty excited about documenting my Jury Duty with pictures. Until I stepped inside the courthouse, went through security and had my camera confiscated. Don't they understand I have a blog to support?! Although... I got to keep my phone. That had a camera in it. I don't get it. I did not take any photos though, I was afraid of getting in trouble!

My first day of Jury Duty was very, very long. I thought by 1pm I was in the clear. But by 3pm, I was called up. And then by 4pm, I was picked. And for the next 3 days I get to go back. And I probably am not the best juror in this case. I already think the guy is 100% guilty. I'll explain later, because apparently I'm not supposed to talk about the case until it's over... so you'll just have to wait. But my prediction is guilty. And I think it will take less than 5 minutes to decide.

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