Saturday, July 2, 2011

Life After Vacation

Well, we've been back for 2 days. Life is back to "normal". Although I guess we're still on vacation, technically. We don't have to go back to work until Tuesday. Today we went to the Farmer's Market. And I got lots of great veggies. And some fruit too. Eric came along and took some nice photos.

We got a bunch of lemons, for lemonade? Or drink garnishes? Or lemon chicken? Who knows. But I got a lot of lemons. (Not at many as shown...)

Colorful vegetables always make nice pictures.

I'm in the crowd buying some very yummy cinnamon buns from the nice Amish folks. They always set up a table full of amazing, fresh baked goods. There's always a big crowd.

This evening Eric and I went to Meghan MacMurphy's for pizza, wings and beer. We were the ONLY people in the restaurant/bar. (Aside from employees.) We stayed for quite awhile. We even played some pool! We've never played pool together before.... It was fun. I sort of won, by default. Had Eric not have put the cue ball in at the same time he put the 8 ball in...

Also... if you're looking for Disney photos, check out my Facebook page. I posted about 100 photos over there. I'm sure I'll post some here too, or make a Kodak gallery eventually. But for now, they are over there. It was just easier, and more people can see them over there.

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