Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Snail's Pace

If Jury Duty has taught me anything, it's that I think I'd enjoy working for the government. There's a lot of sitting around. A lot of breaks. A nice long lunch. And you always get out exactly on time. I'm sure there's no working weekends or holidays or late nights either. It's also made me quite aware that someone should put a fire under these people's butt's and get them moving! I can't believe how much time is wasted and how long the little things take. I think I could get in there and organize things a little better!

For example, if they're going to take cameras away, they should also take phones away too. Especially one's with cameras. Because today I felt comfortable enough to snap a few photos with my phone. This is looking down at the security area from the 2nd floor. The man standing next to the railing is a fellow juror. I don't know his name. And I'm pretty sure he had no idea I was taking a picture.

This is the sign to the juror room. That's the room I spent my entire morning in yesterday, just waiting. At least there was wifi in there so I could check in on Facebook!

Here's a view of the city from the 3rd floor. I really like this building, it's really neat and modern. You can see the city from here. That's Columbus Circle straight ahead. I ate lunch there yesterday, I bought a hot dog from a street vendor. It was kind of fun. Even if it was 93 degrees out.

So it looks like my Duty will most likely end tomorrow. The prosecution and the defense both rested today. Tomorrow we will hear the closing arguments and get instructions from the judge.

I still think the guy is guilty. At least on 4 of the 5 counts. I think that 5th count might be a sticking point. I just need someone to explain it to me a little better. But maybe the judge will explain it tomorrow and it will all be clear...

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Aunt Margi said...

Roger would love to be on a jury but his hearing disability would get in the way!
When I sat on a jury I found that a lot of the sitting around was because the attorneys were getting their ducks in a row. We really do want a fair trial. The rule is "proven guilty" - not because he looks guilty.
Before you know it you'll be back in your office!!