Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week in Review

We've been busy this week and put many miles on our cars! Our weekend at the Jersey Shore was wonderful and went by far too quickly.

It was nice to get away, just the 2 of us and spend time with friends.

When we got back, Eric had to turn around and go to Long Island for work. Alex was at Cornell at cross country camp and so I was left all alone for 3 days. And what is a girl to do when she's all alone?? Get a pedicure of course!

And have a girls "evening out" with Paula!

Today I took the day off of work and went to pick up Alex. Cornell is a lovely, but HUGE campus. I'm thankful I didn't get lost too badly.

We had to meet the campers for their end of camp "race". Alex is always so serious...

He's finishing the race here. He took is easy... there was no reason to go all out.

After the run, the coaches had a nice talk. (The camp coaches are also the Cornell Cross-Country coaches, which is a nice bonus!) It seemed that all the kids had an amazing time, they worked hard, learned a lot and got a lifetime of memories. (I still remember my week at Brandeis University Track Camp when I was in High School!)

I think Alex made a lifetime of memories as well...

This was the dorm he lived in. Looks nice from the outside.

It had the look and feel (and smell!) of an old beaten up Frat house inside. I think I envisioned nicer rooms for an Ivy League college!

On our way home from camp, we stopped at the A&W and got car-side service! What a nice treat.


Beth said...

Enjoyed the report on Alex's time at camp. Why don't I remember your week at Brandeis?

Girl's night out is always good.

Amanda said...

Hmm. Maybe because you didn't do the drop off or pick up? I believe I rode down with Christy Dodge and then Dad picked us up.... does he remember it? You probably enjoyed a nice quiet week without me though! :)