Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Company BBQ

Today we had our company picnic at Onondaga Lake Park. It was a gorgeous day for a picnic. (Yes, I know, you're all probably tired of that "70s" look on my photos.. but I'm kind of addicted!)

We played ladderball too.

Eric and I were on the same team. And we kicked butt.

We also ate Sno-Kones.

They were made from a real authentic Sno-Kone machine.

It was nice hanging out with co-workers when we didn't have to do any work!

Oh and I should add that the food was spectacular!

Speaking of food... this is my famous "Egg McManda". (Or as Alex now calls it the "Egg McMom") I used to make them years ago, I think maybe in High School? We had them over the weekend, and they're way better than the version that McDonalds makes...

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