Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tin Grin is In

As many of you know, Alex became an officially "normal" teenager this week. He got braces. The orthodontist's office is really neat. They had this TV wishing all the "newbies" good luck with their new braces. And they also had several screens worth of "congratulations" for those getting their braces off. They also had a video game area with several X-Box stations. And they also have a lemon slushie machine. I don't remember my orthodontist's office being that fun!

This is the official "before" photo. I'll have to get a "during" photo to show. He's having a rough few days getting used to the braces. As you can see, his teeth are a mess. They're going to level them out, so those bottom teeth have a lot of moving to do. Plus they're all crooked, which you can't really see in this photo. And he has that dreaded over-bite. So we've been having soup and slushies for a couple of days. But it will all be worth it in the end... once he has the perfect, confident smile.


Greg and Diane Hayden said...

Thinking of you Alex, Emily feels your pain.

Dale said...

It's worth the pain in the long run, Alex. Just hang in there! Love, Grandma

Whitaker Woods said...

Thinking of you Alex! Just think how lucky you are you didn't have to wear the head gear. Not that I did, but remember my brother wearing it. Ugly!!!

Beth said...

Just got home from travels to learn that you now have the braces. You are lucky your mom went through it and knows what you need.

Love. Grammy and Grampy