Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend Update

Yesterday Alex ran the Baldwinsville Invitational. He was in the JV race. The photo above is the starting line. There were about 300 runners. And yes, several poor kids were trampled at the beginning... but they got back up and kept on going!

Alex did very well.

He came in 26th overall. And I may have made a little bit of my money back. Not too much, just a little... 3 of the 9 kids he beat the other day came back and beat him. So we're holding at $60. We'll keep track the rest of the year and he'll hopefully have a nice payday at the end of the season.

You know it's officially fall when I've already made 2 apple crisps! I've already gone through an entire bag of fresh apples. There is nothing better than a fresh McIntosh apple!

I know some of you who read the blog are also fans of FourSquare. Those of you who aren't, listen up! I went to the mall last night to finally take Alex back to school shopping (He still had no pants!) Anyway... we went to his favorite store. American Eagle. When I "checked in" on FourSquare, it gave me a coupon for 15% off my purchase! I saved $32.5o, all because I checked in on FourSquare! (We also had $45 in gift cards, so we really saved a lot!) I'm telling you, get on FourSquare. You never know when you're going to save some money!

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