Sunday, September 18, 2011

X-Country Update

The 2011 x-country season is under way. The photo above is all 43 runners of the Liverpool High School boys team. That's a LOT of runners.

Alex has had 2 meets so far. His times have improved quite a bit from last year. Unfortunately, so have everybody else's! Plus there are 2 incredibly good freshmen on the team. They're already in the top 5. Liverpool is up and coming.

Crossing the finish line. The guy in the orange shirt is Alex's indoor/outdoor track coach. I'm sure he's pleased to see Alex doing so well.

This was from the VVS Invitational on Saturday. The Varsity boys team came in 2nd in their section. JV came in first. It was a gorgeous day.

And this is the slogan of the season... it's on the back of all their shirts and sweatshirts. "Trample the weak. Hurdle the dead." Get out of their way, they mean business!

Tomorrow I'll post some fun photos that Eric got on Saturday at VVS. There was a fire truck... with a big ladder. And Eric's camera got to go up to the top for some photos from above. They're really neat! Stay tuned...

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Beth said...

Great news that Alex is IMPROVING. Hope we can actually maybe see him run once this year!