Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

What a beautiful evening for trick-or-treating! No snow (sorry all for all of those with snow!!), the temperatures were in the 50s, barely any clouds. Perfect for the little goblins.

We had our pumpkin lights and decorations out... and no "real" pumpkins this year. The squirrels had to eat the neighbors pumpkins this year!

Jenny even "helped"... no, I didn't really let her have that bazooka bubble gum. We hope everyone's Halloween was filled with more treats than tricks!


Dale said...

So glad to see my granddog on Halloween! Not such a great night for it here: melting snow = icy roads and sidewalks. Many towns have postponed or cancelled Halloween.
Was reminiscing about towing a little pumpkin up and down Meadowlark Lane in a red wagon over a decade ago!

Beth said...

We have no snow left and the night was fantastic for the little guys in our area. We only had two visitors and they were are adorable little next door neighbors. Your house looks very festive.