Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mud Invitational

Yesterday we went to Jamesville Beach for the Chittenango Invitational. It was the wettest, coldest, windiest day I've ever had the pleasure of watching a cross country meet. Anyone who had the guts to get out and run in those kind of conditions earns my respect.

The Liverpool JV team swept their event. They came in the Top 7 places of over 200 runners. Alex finished in 5th place overall. He most likely had done better if he'd been wearing spikes like the rest of the team. He fell several times and had a heck of a time in all that mud.

After the race some of the runners jumped in the icy cold water to wash off some of that mud. Cross-country runners are a different breed...


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Dale said...

I know Alex did NOT jump into the water after the meet! Takes a lot of heart to compete in those conditions. Proud of you, Alex!
Love, Grandma