Sunday, November 13, 2011


I decided to start tackling the basement today. I had some motivation, so I thought if I waited, it would pass. So I jumped on it. It's been a disaster down there. It's become a dumping ground for anything and everything. I feel like a hoarder when I go down there!

This is how far we got today. I want to do a lot more, but this is a great start. Many bags of garbage will be leaving the house this week, lots of consolidating, throwing away, recycling. I need to figure out how to store the bins better. The other side of the basement is also a giant mess, so there's a lot more to do. But at least I feel like I accomplished something!


Beth said...

Your father wants to know if you are getting ready to make an apartment for us???? LOL
Seriously it is looking good.

Amanda said...

If he wants to help put up some drywall and a ceiling, maybe some nice flooring... we could certainly make an apartment! :)

Whitaker Woods said...

I would say an improvement for you. Looks good!

D said...

That's how our attic looks sad to say, the before pic.