Thursday, November 24, 2011


It's been a fun day today! It was Thanksgiving AND my birthday. All in one day. I'm thankful so for many things, most of all another year on earth to spend with those I am thankful for.

This morning we got up bright and early to continue an annual tradition. A tradition that was apparently born the same year that I was! For us however, it's just been a tradition for the past 3 years.

Alex changed it up a little bit this year. Instead of running the 5k, he ran the 10k. He's been sick for the past week, so I was a little worried about him. But he did great! He came in 33rd over all (out of over 500 runners) and ran the 10k in 42:14. Not too bad for being sick. He's the one on the long-sleeved white t-shirt in the middle.

Here he is heading towards the finish line. It was a great event. Over 1800 people ran the 5k, it was quite a crowd, but it was nicely thinned out by the time the 10k was over.

My parents are in town for the holiday, and my dad joined me in cheering for Alex. He said that next year, he wants to run the 5k. Should we hold him to it??

I'm going to post Thanksgiving/Birthday photos tomorrow. We went to Gary & Paula's for a wonderful dinner and I have lots of photos to sort through. Too many to do tonight. I'm stuffed and exhausted. But I had a great day!

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Dale said...

Nice job for a sick person, Alex! Wow! You even bumped it up to the 10K and 33rd out of 500 runners of all ages is awesome!

Nice to see Grampy there!