Sunday, December 18, 2011

Inappropriate and Offensive

Remember the shirts that the Liverpool Boys XC team made for their 2011 season? "Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead" was their motivational phrase for the season. That's all it was. It wasn't meant to be mean to others or offensive to anyone. It is was it is, a silly phrase on a shirt. Well, apparently someone at the last Indoor Track meet complained to someone at Liverpool High School. Who in turn complained to the track coach. Who then informed the XC coach. Who then sent an email to all of the 43 kids and their parents (many of whom also wore the shirts), that we were no longer allowed to wear the shirts or sweatshirts. It had been "deemed inappropriate and offensive" and we were all asked not to wear them to school or to any school function.

Almost immediately after the email was sent, one of the parents spoke up. He wanted to know who, and why. I ran into that parent today while out shopping (incidentally, his son was with him, wearing the "offensive" sweatshirt...). We talked about the ridiculous ban of shirts. He told me he was going to go to the superintendent about the request. I sure hope he gets through to him.

I mean seriously, because ONE person was offended, nobody gets to wear the shirts anymore? We have to bow down to one person who obviously doesn't have a sense of humor? And I bet they don't understand cross-country runners either. They are a rare breed of hard working, intense, incredible athletes. So what if they have a silly phrase on their shirts. It's fun. It's freedom of speech. And it certainly wasn't meant to be offend anyone.

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Dale said...

Just one more ridiculous example of "political correctness" which appeases the few and infuriates the many: like how it became Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas!
I say wear the shirts with pride, Liverpool!!!!