Sunday, December 11, 2011

Young Architects

I had the privilege of helping Laura and Kelly make their Gingerbread Houses this year. These are the finished products... can you guess who made each house?? Their personalities really came out in the house building process.

Of course, with many projects, it got off to a rough start...

But soon enough, we were under way. Everybody pitched in to help. Paula and Kelly placed the decorations in just the right spots.

Grandma Sheila helped Laura put frosting on the gumdrops.

Gary created perfect window frames.

Aunt Amanda became a pro at icicle creation.

Laura decorated an adorable snowman for the front lawn.

And in the end, both girls made perfect and beautiful Gingerbread Houses. Each in their own unique way. While Kelly likes blizzards, Laura prefers a light dusting of snow.

And then Kelly began to eat hers...


Beth said...

What a fun day. Sure wish I lived closer.

Whitaker Woods said...

We are lucky to have Aunt Amanda's help! Special times for our girls.