Monday, January 23, 2012

Miscellaneous Things

Sorry I've been slacking on the blog updating. As always, we've been a little busy! WCNY held its Annual Travel Auction the last 2 weeks, so that meant a million extra hours for Eric and I. Plus Alex has had 3 more track meets since I last updated... and we've all (well, Alex and I have, Eric seems to have missed all the "fun") been sick a few times. It seems to keep getting passed around. And then back again. I hope this last round was the end for awhile.

I got up to see Gary and Paula on Saturday. I enjoyed getting to have some chat time with Paula. I think she might have enjoyed it too. I had to take their photo so you could all see they're doing ok! The house work is just about done, as far as getting it emptied. The insurance is being worked out, the contractor has been chosen, designs are in the works. They are hoping the rebuilding process will be quick, and have hopes to be able to host Thanksgiving again at their new home in November. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for them!!

This was an "AT AT" from Star Wars. It was severely burned in the fire. Poor thing!

We were going through some boxes on Saturday, and a lot of their photographs were in perfect condition. It's nice that these sentimental items were able to be saved. Look how young they look in that top photo!

They had a lot of church friends helping them on Saturday. They were boxing up a lot items that were in the barn and putting them in their storage unit. This picture is down in their basement. They have heat, electricity and food down there. It's so strange being down there, it's almost like nothing happened. Until you go upstairs, it's like walking into something from a war zone. So surreal.

This picture is for Paula. This couch had no cushions, and one of their friends stopped by with cushions they just happened to have kept from an old couch. And they fit perfectly! Paula's going to put a cover on the couch and it'll be good as new! It's the little things.

Paula's here putting wood in the wood stove. It was 18 degrees outside (and close to that in the house too), but down there, it was warm and cozy. It's nice that they have a place to go while they're out at the house working so they can warm up.

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