Sunday, February 19, 2012

Home Shows and Slot Machines

We accompanied Gary & Paula to Turning Stone today. There was a Home Show going on at the Event Center.

Eric always finds something interesting to photograph.

The vendor with the blue table was Farm Credit, which is who Gary works for. They were kind enough to get him free tickets to get in to the show.

Since Gary and Paula are rebuilding an entire house, they really had a lot to talk about with pretty much every vendor there. We were done seeing what we wanted to see and they were barely into the 2nd row of businesses. (We did get information for a new furnace/central air unit, a bathroom tub insert and an electric fence!) But Gary and Paula need a lot more than that...

So, we left them to go visit the casino!

But first we stopped for lunch. And got some yummy BBQ pulled chicken sandwiches.

Then we proceeded to lose our allotted amount at the slot machines. Well, I lost mine. Eric went home with money in his pocket.

After the home show, we stopped at a model home in a new neighborhood next to ours so they could get ideas for decorating! I'm all about new home tours. The kitchen was lovely.

They liked the paint color on the far wall. And the color schemes through out the house. The whole house had a nice warm feeling to it.

This was the "breakfast nook".
I think Laura or Kelly would really like this room!

And this is a nice idea if I was ever motivated to re-do Alex's room. It's a little more subtle than his bright orange and bright blue walls.

I think that rebuilding an entire house is a little overwhelming, but Gary & Paula are very organized and doing a wonderful job wading through the piles of brochures and piles of "to-do" lists. I can't wait for their housewarming party, they are going to have a beautiful new home!


Beth said...

When you were very young we used to go to visit Model Homes a lot. Not only in Virginia Beach. I seem to remember we toured a few in Chicago area. Love Model Homes. Glad to see it wore off on you!
Is the item in the picture Eric took, blown glass. It looks like something we recently saw when we toured The Corning Glass Museum. They had it in the main lobby.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for going with us. It was great to have the moral support as well as the laughs!

Beth said...

Here is a link to the glass sculpture similar to the one Eric Photographed.