Friday, February 24, 2012

Little Visitors

Laura and Kelly came over for a sleepover last night. It was February vacation week, and I had taken today (Friday) off, so I offered to take the girls for a night/day. They always like to visit here to discover all the "new technology" we have. They both fell in love with the Nook! They would have been content just playing with the Nook the whole time they were here.

And it was good we had 2 of them, so they each got their own! I think Santa needs to bring the girls some Nooks for Christmas... hint, hint...

This morning they helped me run a few errands, including the always favorite trip to Aldi. They still get a kick out of putting the quarter in the shopping cart. They're good little helpers, I'd take them with me all the time if I could!

After our errands they had a training session with Jenny, using the new treats we bought at Target.

Then we were all starving, so we all went to my favorite diner for lunch.

If you look at the counter behind Laura, you'll see some of my co-workers. That's where we sit when we have our Friday lunches. It was nice have a more leisurely lunch today, not having to rush to get back to the office.

Kelly had a giant pancake, which the cook made to look like Mickey Mouse. Believe it or not, that pancake that was bigger than Kelly's head, was just about gone when she was done!

Alex got a French Onion Burger. (One of my all-time favorites.) He also devoured his lunch.

And Laura enjoyed her plain hamburger and chips. She also had a fun mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream.

And me? I had my other all-time favorite dish at the American Diner, Eggs Benedict with a side of hash browns. Yum.

So after the diner, we needed to work off some of those calories. Alex and I remembered that the hunt for the Post Standard Treasure Hunt Medallion was still going on! So we went over to Onondaga Lake Park to look for it. We've been following the clues every day in the paper, so we had a feeling it was over there. The winner gets $2,000 if they find it! (If they subscribe to the paper, which we do.)

So we looked high and low for the medallion. There were tons of other people at the park looking too. (Not that you can see them in my photos, but trust me, they were there!)

Laura was even looking under benches. It's out there somewhere! It started pouring rain while we were there, and we just weren't dressed for that kind of weather. So Alex and I are going to back tomorrow to search some more. Here's some more information about the Treasure Hunt if you'd like to learn more. It's part of Syracuse Winter Fest, and it really gets people out and about during the middle of winter. (Not that it feels much like winter this year - notice, there's still no snow!)

I returned the girls back home after our very busy day. It was a quiet ride back. I think they were exhausted!! We always have fun when Laura and Kelly come for a visit, can't wait for the next time!


Anonymous said...

The girls love the time spent with their Auntie Amanda and Uncle Ike. Building great memories! I hope you at least got your bathroom cleaned by them before all the fun. :)

Beth said...

What a great day! Good luck on the "search"

Amanda said...

Someone found the medallion at 6:45am this morning. It was in the same park we were looking in, but on another trail. So close, yet so far!