Saturday, February 11, 2012

Thrifty Shopper

A few of the girls I work with swear by Thrift Store shopping. I joined them this week at the local "Thrifty Shopper", which benefits the Rescue Mission. I bought this cute fleece vest! It was $3. I also bought a fun pink fleece, which I've already worn too.

I also got this future jell-o mold and a much needed cheese shredder. I know I used to have one, but haven't been able to find it anywhere. So the $1 I spent on this was worth it. I'm hoping to make a fun jell-o for Laura and Kelly soon with the copper mold... maybe for Easter? I might have to practice first though.

Eric did our taxes today.

And I'm not sure why Jenny has that Cujo-look going, but she does. It's the best pose I could get from her today. Just wanted everyone to know she is indeed still alive and well. Even though her blog posts have been lacking.


Beth said...

My parents believed in Thrift shop Shopping, and we do too to an extent. Course you know we like yard sales and flea market shopping too. Glad you are doing it now. AND you are looking great in that outfit.

Dale said...

Jenny wanted to go shopping, too!!