Sunday, February 5, 2012

Week In Review

We got to help Paula extend her birthday celebration yesterday with a "perfect size cake" and some wine. She got those awesome wine glasses from some co-workers.

Here's Paula with her teeny "perfect sized cake". (Wegmans called it "perfect", I thought it was just right for 4 people!)

Gary and Paula emptied the dishwasher as I filled our glasses. (This picture is sort of for Sheila, your house is still just the way you left it! They haven't started remodeling just yet...)

Speaking of remodeling, Gary & Paula have been BUSY out at their house. They are doing all of the de-construction by themselves on weekends, with help from lots of volunteers. This will help them save a lot of money, so they can have more money to put into the rebuilding of their house. This picture was taken standing in Laura's room, to the right is Kelly's room, to the left is Gary & Paula's room. It doesn't look as much like a burned house anymore, but more of a new home construction site.

This is a picture of the office (den) from standing in the family room. The fire place is to the right. The front entrance is on the left.

And of course Alex has been running. This past week was the CNYCL Championship meet. Alex placed 3rd in the 600 meter run and his 4x800 relay also placed 3rd. Sectionals are next week. This week (Tuesday) they have a "Select" meet, he's not sure what event(s) he will be running yet. Each school is only allowed to enter one person in each event. Which to me hopefully means that it will be a quick meet and maybe we'll get home at a reasonable hour! (These weeknight track meets have made for very long days!)

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Dale said...

Great job, Alex! At least for these events you get to run inside!