Sunday, March 18, 2012

Being Irish, Visitors and The Lost City

Happy (late) St. Patrick's Day! We had a nice low-key day here. But we were sure to wear our Green.

Laura and Kelly came for a visit during the day so their parents could go to another Home Show. And guess what they brought with them?! Nooks! It looks like someone was paying attention to the blog post that suggested Santa bring them Nooks. Well, a very generous "Santa" came early for two very deserving and excited girls. And just so "Santa" knows, they LOVE them!!

They spent most of their time here playing on their Nooks. We downloaded a new game while they were here called "The Lost City." And it kept their attention the entire day. And it will probably continue to keep them busy for a long time to come! Laura was a good big sister, helping Kelly get through some of the difficult parts of the game.

Kelly got comfy with her Nook.

As did Laura. I think this was the most relaxing day we've had here in awhile!

"The Lost City" is the game we were playing. If you have a Nook or an iPad or any other device that uses Apps, get this App!! It's so much fun, for all ages. There's also another game by the same developers called "The Secret of Grisly Manor", which is a little easier, but still a lot of fun. And the games are only 99 cents each. Where else can you buy that much fun for only 99 cents?!

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